Product Selection Process

Preppers Edge proudly stands behind the products we represent. As Preppers ourselves, we understand that inferior products and misguided information can quickly compromise survival. Our product selection process, therefore, is heavily weighted on design, functionality and durability.


Preppers Edge carefully scrutinizes the designs of all the products we test. We seek products that capture our intrigue in both form and function, as well as exemplify 'high-edge' innovation and design.


The specific function of a product is paramount in its selection. There must be a specific, direct purpose of the product that clearly targets and fulfills a distinct need. In addition, Preppers Edge pursues products with high adaptability and the agility to perform multiple tasks.


A durable product is not only one that lasts for generations, but that suffers the rigors of intense use with minimal malfunction, while demonstrating ease of repair. Preppers Edge represents only resilient products which have been severely tested with a no-tolerance response to failure, inefficiency or material decay.



If you have a product(s) that you feel meets this criteria exceeding our expectations go to: Vendor Inquiries