Preppers Edge officially began in 2013 in an armchair conversation with the owner and his business partners. Lamenting over the sensationalism, lack of focus and often misinformation for preppers on the internet, these businessmen - seasoned preppers themselves - resolved to fix the problem.

They would begin a company that offered preppers real clarity. Gathering all of
 the credible information available and focusing it into 8 simple categories, Preppers Edge would secure its customers with in-depth information, real direction and serious gear. Products would be personally reviewed and selected for their innovative designs,optimal function and extreme durability.


During the deliberate process of selecting products, Preppers Edge determined that there were several areas in which there were no products to meet our specific preparation needs.

For example, Fire Starter was over-priced, over-sized and over-rated. After an extensive search, we discovered a product that was both extreme and reliable. We then quickly partnered with the manufacturer, and designed the perfect-sized container for quick evacuation.

Preppers Edge is distinctly committed to securing and creating the most optimal, effective products for our customers.

Creating an answer to the most urgent necessity in preparedness planning, Preppers Edge designed the quintessential quick-evacuation bag - The Edge. Answering the vital need for a partner bag, the Edge Ally was then created along with an array of supremely organized kits to address our customers distinct needs.

Preppers Edge commenced a soft launch of its innovative website on May 9th, 2014. Followed by a hard launch on July 4th, Preppers Edge is quickly becoming the most elite, reliable prepping website on the internet.

The owner's deliberate goal to indefinitely secure customers to 'Be Prepared for Anything' will continue to spawn innovative new products, seminars, video training modules, books and apps.